Update on Newest Change for Business Group Renewals

After more than four years of working on Healthcare Reform, one might expect the chaos to have settled down a bit. Unfortunately, the ambiguities of ACA (Affordable Care Act) and the Obama Administration’s shifting deadlines have extended and exacerbated the upheaval.

Some of this upheaval has resulted in good news for many of you. One of the shifting deadlines allowed you to keep your current pre-ACA group health insurance plan through 2014 and gave us all a chance to “let the dust settle” a little before being forced into the new ACA plans. (If you remember, everyone was going to have to go onto the new plans at renewal in 2014.)

Now, the newest shift in deadlines has just occurred and will allow many groups to keep your same current pre-ACA plan for yet another year ~ until your 2015 renewal!

Of course, upon receiving your upcoming renewal we will check your renewal against the new ACA plans to see what will be best and then make recommendations to you based upon the results.

I just wanted to give you a head’s up on what will be coming your way on this upcoming renewal so you will know ahead of time what to expect.

Thank you for letting Pope Insurance service your employee benefits plans. As always, it is our pleasure to take care of you and your employees.